The Truth about Consumers and the Psychology of Shopping

Auteur: Graves, Philip
Editeur: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Publication: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-85788-576-7
e-ISBN: 978-1-85788-923-9
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Leading expert in consumer behaviour
Offers a unique, real-world and practical approach for evaluating why we buy what we do - and often don't buy what market research says we will
Uses a range of case studies and draws on the latest psychology and neuroscience to expose the reasons that market research can't work
Controversial in dismissing the conventional approach as false and misleading and sure to attract the attention of both the marketing world and market research industry
Market research is a myth. Philip Graves, one of the world's leading experts in consumer behaviour, reveals why the results of the typical market research campaign are completely unreliable. Whether it is company executives seeking to define their corporate strategy or politicians wanting to understand the electorate, the idea that questions answered on a questionnaire or discussed in a focus group can provide useful insights on which to base business decisions is the cause of product failures, political blunders and wasted billions.

Consumer.ology exposes some of the most expensive examples of research-driven thinking clouding judgement, experience and evidence - from New Coke to General Motors, from Mattel to the Millennium Dome - and instances of success through ignoring research, such as Baileys and Dr Who.  It also shows organisations the tools they should be using if they want to understand their customers.

Using his unique AFECT approach, a set of five criteria to evaluate the reliability of any consumer insight, Graves asserts that it's time for a fresh approach that embraces this new understanding of human behaviour. Along the way, he reveals why the current practice of market research is a false science, why we often don't buy what we say we will, and how to undersand consumers better than they do themselves. After reading Consumer·ology business leaders and politicians will never look at market research in the same way again.

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