Auteur: Tan, Wendy
Editeur: Marshall Cavendish Editions
Publication: 2017
ISBN: 978-981-4771-90-0
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Wholeness in a Disruptive World offers timely insights and practical advice on how we can stay balanced in face of challenges, sustain our best work in the long haul, and contribute to the larger world around us. As the demands of a disruptive world grow and pull us in different directions, it has never been more important to be whole. Most people recognise this, but few know how to achieve it. Instead, we run on the treadmill of work and become ever more drained and burnt out, while the organisations that we are part of become ever more fragmented and unhealthy. This book aims to bridge that gap. Inspired by the author’s realisation after a physical breakdown from trying to “do it all”, Wholeness draws on the combined wisdom of Eastern and Western thinking, along with extensive interviews with leaders and executives, to show the way towards wholeness – both for us as individuals, as well as for our organisations and communities. “A practical path to the integration of Eastern values and Western thinking that is good for the soul and good for our organisations.”

– Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting and Stewardship

“As the pace and intensity of modern life ratchet up, Wendy’s emphasis on wholeness is more important than ever.”

– Marshall Goldsmith,

New York Times bestselling author

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